The use of computers in online casino gaming

It is true and obvious that computers play an essential role in online casino gaming. They actually control, coordinate and create the gaming that many players take part in. In some cases though computers and software have been used for a very different purpose and the result has been, at times, an unwelcome advantage for users of the software.

If you consider the play of poker and acknowledge that a dealer usually holds a finite number of cards. Those cards are from a finite number of decks. Therefore the possibility presents itself to begin counting cards and predicting probability. With a sophisticated piece of software and a decent computer you can do just that. It turns out that you can do it quite effectively. One case and point is a piece of software that was designed specifically for that purpose. It was designed to be analyze playing strategies, but it has recently been banned from the Poker Network.

A number of individuals use software to track their winnings and strategies. Of course, these legitimate and open uses of such software are generally not the variety that concern individuals attempting to equalize the playing field. Instead it will continue to be the individuals that use these types of software in secret and without consent with the intention of winning more money that may pose a problem for the casinos.

The gaming industry has long been an industry that has paid close attention to security and maintaining a level playing field. Spending on online security shows that the casino industry is willing to put forth a comparable amount of effort in this area as well. With each new development in methods of increasing winnings with software there will doubtless be an action to eliminate such the use of software. The more practical questions remain how well will the industry do at staying ahead of such activity, and how disruptive will the activity prove to be for the people that simply want to play.

You can find out if the software you use is acceptable by contacting the casinos that you play at.

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